General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) for the payment by invoice of labelfarm GmbH (hereinafter: "we")
(Version: 25.10.2021)

    General remarks

  1. We offer the payment type "payment by invoice" for our customers. For this purpose, an assignment of claim is made to the Bank Frick & Co. AG (hereinafter "Bank").

  2. The payment by invoice option is only available to consumers from 18 years old. With this service, you can purchase goods via the internet and will only need to pay after actually receiving the goods and the invoice.

  3. The goods purchase contract shall only be formed between you and us. The performance of the purchase contract is also subject to the agreements you reach with us. In particular, we remain responsible for general customer enquiries (e.g. on goods, delivery times, shipping), returns, complaints, warranty claims, any withdrawals from contract and for credit notes. When you choose payment by invoice, these terms and conditions shall apply in addition to the agreements and the GTCs you agree with us within the scope of the purchase contract.

  4. For the completion of a payment by invoice, we shall assign our claim against you for the payment of the purchase price to the Bank. You are hereby informed of this assignment of claim. In order to constitute full discharge of debts, all payments must be made to the Bank to the account indicated to you for this purpose. Goods shall remain the property of the Bank until full payment has been made.

  5. payolution GmbH ( is acting as the technical service provider and the service provider to verify your creditworthiness for the payment by invoice.

  6. Payment modes

  7. Should you withdraw from the purchase contract on the basis of a special agreement with us or on the grounds of statutory provisions, return the goods, claim a price reduction or have any other reason not to make your payment, whether in whole or in part, the Bank shall in this case reassign the claim against you to us. A definitive agreement on the payment will then be reached with us, or the contract cancelled.

  8. Warning: consequences of outstanding payments

  9. For delayed payments for payment by invoice, interest on arrears to the amount agreed and costs for appropriate warnings shall be payable. In the event of an unsuccessful internal dunning process, the Bank may transfer the outstanding claim to a debt collection agency for collection. In this case, you may be charged legal costs by debt collection agencies and if necessary for legal representation.

  10. Should a provision of these GTCs be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of these GTCs.