Additional notes on the privacy notice for purchases on account and by installment of Swarovski Crystal Online AG (hereinafter: "we")
(Version: 16.02.2018)
  1. You will be asked to provide your consent under data protection law during the order process when making a purchase on account or by installments. These provisions are provided to you again below for information purposes only.

  2. When choosing to pay on account or by installment, personal information required to process these payment methods (first name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, IP address, gender) along with the data required to process the transaction (item, invoice amount, interest, installments, due dates, total amount, invoice number, taxes, currency, order date and time of order) will be transmitted to payolution. payolution has a legitimate interest in the data and needs and/or uses them to conduct risk assessments. For this purpose, the data will also be transferred to third parties providing risk assessment and fraud prevention services for the sole purpose of risk assessment and fraud prevention. You agree to this limited transfer of data, which is also for the purpose of protecting your own data.

  3. In order to verify the identity and/or solvency of the customer, queries and information requests will be made to publicly accessible databases and credit agencies. Information and if necessary credit information on the basis of statistical methods can be requested from the following providers:

    You agree to payolution providing your bank details (specifically the sort code and account number) to SCHUFA Holding AG or the purposes of verifying the account number and to SCHUFA Holding AG then using this data to verify whether the bank details you provided are plausible. You also agree to SCHUFA using this data to verify whether they are stored in your data set and then transmitting the results of this verification to payolution. Further data exchange such as the disclosure of credit information or the transmission of other bank information as well the storage of your information in the SCHUFA database will not take place within the scope of the account number verification. For reasons of proof, only the act of verifying the bank information by SCHUFA will be stored.

    payolution is also entitled to store, process, use and transmit to the above-mentioned reporting agencies data on any conduct that is in breach of contract (e.g. undisputed outstanding claims).

  4. We are legally required to verify your credit worthiness under the provisions of the Civil Code on funding assistance between merchants and consumers.

  5. In the event of a purchase on account or by installments, we will transmit data regarding the start of this installment business transaction (your personal details, purchase price, term of the installment business transaction, start of installments) and the contract terms (e.g. advance repayment, extension of contract term, repayments made) to payolution GmbH. After assigning the purchase price claim, the Bank to which the claim is assigned will undertake the data transmissions mentioned. We and/or the Bank to which the purchase price claim is assigned shall also report data on events contrary to the contract (e.g. termination of the installment business transaction, enforcement measures) to payolution GmbH. In accordance with data protection provisions, these reports may only be made if this is required to safeguard legitimate interests of the contract partners of payolution GmbH or of the general public and your legitimate interests are not compromised thereby. payolution GmbH shall store the data in order to be able to provide its contract partners, who provide payment by installment and other loan arrangements to consumers on a professional basis, with information to assess the creditworthiness of customers. Companies collecting debts on a commercial basis and which are bound to payolution GmbH by contract may be provided with address information for the purpose of tracing debtors. payolution GmbH shall only provide its contract partners with data if they credibly have a legitimate interest in the data transmission. payolution GmbH shall only transmit objective data without specification to the Bank. Subjective value assessments and personal income and asset information is not contained in information provided to payolution GmbH.

  6. The consent to data disclosure granted in the order process may be withdrawn at any time without stating reasons. The above-mentioned statutory obligations to verify your creditworthiness shall remain unaffected from any such revocation. You are obliged to provide us only with true information.

  7. If you would like to receive information on the collection, use, processing or transmission of your personal data or if you would like to obtain information, to correct, block or delete this data, you can contact the Data Protection Office at payolution: